Social Media

I run 'cook-along' sessions on social media for clients to broadcast to their members. Ingredients are posted prior to the session, allowing attendees to buy them ahead of time, and the sessions allow members to tune in and cook the meal at the same time. Sessions are either live or broadcast as 'stories'

Live sessions

These sessions would be broadcast using the live function on Instagram (or other social media) at a specified date and are usually c.1 hour in length. The date/time and ingredients list are released in advance, allowing viewers to buy what they need ahead of the broadcast. The session itself would involve me cooking a recipe and talking through the process step-by-step to help people cook along at home. Please see here for an example of a live broadcast I have done previously.

These sessions are very interactive, with viewers able to submit questions and comments in real-time, allowing me to clarify steps and answer any questions. Similarly, they create an 'event-like' feel, allowing viewers to 'tune-in' and cook along at the same time. Being 1 take does give a long recording (c.1 hour) however, and is therefore less engaging as re- shareable content.


Stories sessions

This utilises the 'stories' function on Instagram and has proven to be successful in the past. The overall recipe would be filmed in 15 second clips, allowing for the most important information to be captured and explained succinctly. The overall length of the broadcast is significantly shorter, coming in between 5-10 mins as opposed to 60 mins.

While the stories don't have the same 'event' feel as a live broadcast, and the interaction with viewers isn't as instant, the shorter time allows for a greater re-sharing function after the initial broadcast. By 'stitching' the videos together, you can create a much shorter video to re-share as a stand-alone piece of content. I can send over the clips to you afterwards to create the video, or I can create this for you at an additional cost.

These sessions have proven especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic - please feel free to have a read of a testimonial from Herts SU about how the sessions have helped with student engagement.

I have run such sessions for University of Hertfordshire Students' Union and Collegiate AC and their members on Instagram and Youtube.

Here is a video of a live session, where I am showing viewers how to make a delicious vegan tagine: